Builders Risk Insurance

Each building you build has its own different specs. So should your builder’s risk insurance.

If you own a building under construction or renovation; if you’re a Contractor actually building it; if you’re an architect or engineer who designed it, builder’s risk insurance can protect your financial interests.

In general, it covers property on construction sites for damage from fire, wind, vandalism, vehicle collisions, or other accidents.

​That being said, there are many other risks that any given builder’s policy may or may not cover.

That’s why your Resolve Insurance team takes a different approach to providing builder’s risk insurance.

The first step in this approach is focusing on your operations to determine which risks you face and within which limits you need to cover them.

For example, do you need to cover:

  • Construction materials stored off site?
  • Cleanup costs like debris removal?
  • Materials lost or damaged in transit to the construction site?
  • Damaged or lost blueprints, specifications, and other documents?
  • Temporary structures, like scaffolding or signs?
  • Protective measures as a result of damage, such as pollutant cleanup?
  • Green energy recertification fees?

And will you need added coverage for losses most builder’s policies exclude, like

  • Employee theft?
  • Work vehicle theft or damage?
  • Earthquake or flood damage?
  • Fire, theft, or hail damage to the structure and its contents?
  • Liability for manufacturing defects in workmanship or design?

With over 80 years of combined client service, carrier relationships, risk management and advanced customer service, we’ll focus n your operations and your risks to develop and insurance blueprint that fits your specific needs. Incorporating advanced tools that let us deliver analytics which help you properly value your projects and risk exposures.

And we’ll work with no less than 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market, that can deliver insurance that truly reduces both your risks and your premiums.