Marine Construction Insurance

It takes a different kind of insurance team to protect you from the exposure unique to the maritime world.

Whether it’s your tug, your vessel, your cargo, your marine construction company or your terminal operations with USLH exposure. Resolve has the experience to present you solutions that fit your exposure needs. There’s the risk of sinking, grounding, collision, fire, storm damage, navigation errors, theft, and Longshore and Harbor Workers injuries – to say nothing of more mundane risks like improper storage, delays, spoilage, hook and forklift damage, lost goods, and strikes.

For virtually every peril, there’s a type of insurance to cover it. But many of these coverages are difficult to place and are very specific exposures only handled by certain carriers.

For vessel owners, there’s liability insurance, hull insurance, freight loss or damage insurance covering time periods from a single voyage to a whole year, and port risk insurance.

For shippers, marine cargo insurance covers unintentional loss and damage; natural calamity damages; total loss of your cargo if dropped overboard or in process of lading; being jettisoned or washing overboard; fire, explosion, singing, or stranding during a voyage; and expenses including survey fees, forwarding, reconditioning costs, and lawsuit fees. What’s more, of you transship by land or air, it covers expenses due to collision of the truck, train, or airplane carrying your cargo.

There are all-inclusive policies that cover every conceivable risk, and they’re easy for most insurance firms to sell, but you may be better off not buying one. Because you may end up paying for protection against hazards that your cargo will never face.

That’s why the first thing the Resolve Insurance team does is to thoroughly learn and analyze the risks you actually face. Then we use our working relationships with no less than 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the world marketplace to design a plan that covers the risks you face without paying for risks you don’t.

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