High Net Worth Individuals

It takes a different kind of insurance team to protect high worth individuals from a different level of risks.

If you have more than $1 million in combined assets, you don’t just need more insurance. You have risk management needs, often complex ones, that most other people don’t.

For example, many people with high net worth hold corporate board positions. Do you have liability insurance for that? Do you know its conditions and limitations? Which potential exposures it covers you for and which it doesn’t?

If you have a valuable art, wine, or antique collection, do you know its actual market value? Have you appraised and documented it? And is its value higher than what your insurance policy pays out?

Among all your other assets, your home’s the most valuable. Does your insurance cover the full cost of rebuilding it? What about any vacation homes or rental properties you own?

Do you have household employees? If so, do you have on-the-job injury and employment practices liability coverage?

You may have a top-notch security system. But no security system can make your home invulnerable to risks that can be insured against.

The more online computers that you, your family, your household staff and your advisers use, the more exposure to identity theft, phishing scams, ransom-ware, and other cybercrimes. While insurance can’t prevent that, it can go a long way to mitigating the damage.

High living expenses usually go hand-in-hand with high net worth. With the loss of the primary income earner, those expenses can quickly drain the estate. That’s one reason why life insurance, at the right level, is vital. (In addition, it can save your heirs hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in estate taxes.)

Resolve Insurance has built a different kind of team to design insurance planning that meets these and other needs.

It’s a team with over 80 years’ combined client service, carrier relationship, risk management, and claims service experience.

A team that will thoroughly analyze your assets and mobilize sophisticated resources to protect you from risks that may threaten them.

A team that focuses on both learning and educating. Learning from you about your specific needs for today and your plans for the future. And educating you about insurance options that meet those needs today and help you achieve your goals for tomorrow.

A team that deploys advanced, cutting-edge technology to track your data changes, to let you view your entire existing insurance online and on demand, to speed certificates and renewal processes, and to dramatically slash data entry time.

And a team whose working relationships with a no less than 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market.