Life Insurance

Everyone’s life is different and everyone has someone or something to protect.

That’s why you need a different kind of life insurance team that looks into your specific needs and goals for the future beyond a generic quote.

When most people think of life insurance at all, they think of it as a generic product and another payment they can’t afford. But it’s no more generic than your life is. Can you actually afford not to, have it? Can you afford the uncertainty of an unprotected future for your loved ones? Can you afford not having a plan for your own future? Life insurance is as important and practical as insuring the automobile you drive!

If you’re a parent, it can help with the everyday unexpected expenses of raising a child and saving for college tuition.

If you have a private student loan, it can protect your cosigner from unpaid debt.

If you’re an entrepreneur, its proceeds can keep the business running or let a business partner buy out your shares.

If you’re young and single, it can be a painless way to build up capital.

If you leave behind a large estate, it can lighten the burden of estate taxes and allocation of resources.

Term life insurance, covering a fixed number of years, can save you money on premiums. is an option that can provide protection over a fixed number of years for a very affordable premium!

But all that being said, there are important, specific answers you need to questions that people who sell life insurance don’t ask. Questions that will give answers to your specific needs outside of a generic quote!

For example: How much life insurance coverage do you actually need? There’s a formula that says that you need 10 to 30 times your income. There’s also the DIME method based on your outstanding Debt, your Income, your unpaid Mortgage balance, and the cost of your children’s Education. But do you really want to trust your future to a formula? That is why we go beyond formulas to learn about other factors in your life:

  • How old are you?
  • How healthy? How would you describe your lifestyle?
  • How many dependents do you have? How old are they?
  • Are you a stay-at-home parent?
  • A domestic partner?
  • A caregiver?
  • Do you own a business?
  • How high is your net worth?
  • How much do you owe in outstanding debt? Over how long a term?
  • How willing are you to pay more in premiums to accumulate more capital? Do you want to learn to invest your premiums in coverage that will protect your future while accumulating capital?
  • Would you like life insurance that lets you adjust the premiums and cash value as your life circumstances change over the years? Do you want a flexible product that lets you adjust your premiums and cash value as your needs change?

Whatever your needs are, we can offer you more choices to satisfy them. Unlike others in our industry, we have relationships with a mix of 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market.  So, to you that means that we can even offer you riders that others can’t:

  • To pay for nursing home or hospice care in case of terminal illness.
  • To pay for assisted living or long-term care in the event of chronic illness.
  • To cover accidental death or serious injury from a hazardous job or hobby.

Peace of mind is only a phone call away! Give us a call at 757-217-2968 or fill out our online form to get an option of quotes that will fit you like a glove!