Business Insurance

Your business is different from all the others. That’s why it needs a different kind of business insurance team.

Most businesses have the same basic insurance needs – liability, property, auto fleet, key partner life insurance, and so on.

 But what about special vertical needs?

Like Marine Insurance. Construction Insurance. Habitational and Real Estate Insurance? Restaurant and Retail Insurance? Tactical Gear and Training Company Insurance?

Many insurance firms don’t offer those, because they can’t. Others find it worth their while to only offer it to large, but not small to mid-size businesses.

Resolve Insurance group does. To businesses of all sizes. But what makes our insurance team different is not just what we offer in the way of business insurance, but how we offer it.

We start by studying and analyzing your business. On the basis of what we learn from you, we work with you to develop a Service Commitment Document that fits your specific business flow, your calendar, and both your general and specialized needs.

With more than eight decades of combined client service experience, carrier relationships, and risk management and claims service, we deliver advanced, customer focused service that few, insurance teams – even those of larger brokers – can match.

Tools that let us deliver analytics including evaluation and benchmarking for your industry.

Loss control services that can reduce both your risks and your premiums.

Resources that help Commercial clients properly value their businesses and Personal clients value their assets.

That streamline renewals and customize insurance forms to your needs.

That reduce the time you spend on data entry. And digital submissions and electronic signatures that cut down the time you spend on paperwork.

With digital resources that track your year-to-year data changes, deliver Certificates quickly, and let you view your entire existing insurance online and on demand.

And with working relationships with no less than 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market, that can deliver insurance that truly meets your specific needs – no matter how specialized they may be.