Retail Insurance

An employee stocking shelves at your grocery store falls off a ladder and breaks an ankle. Workers’ Comp can cover the medical expenses.

An employee stocking shelves at your grocery store falls off a ladder and breaks an ankle. Workers’ Comp can cover the medical expenses.

On the way to a dressing room in your clothing store, a customer trips and breaks her arm. Bodily injury insurance can cover the medical, legal, and settlement costs.

On the way to delivering a bouquet of roses, your florist van gets into a fender-bender. Commercial auto insurance can cover the van’s bodywork and the driver’s medical expenses.

An electrical fire shuts down your business. Business interruption insurance covers your lost income and essential expenses like payroll and rent until you’re open for business again.

A defective heating pad thyour drugstore sold overheats, burning the customer who bought it. Product liability insurance covers the buyer’s medical expenses, your legal fees, and any settlement costs.

Hackers attack your database and expose customers’ credit card data. Cybersecurity insurance can cover the costs of investigating the hack attack and set up credit monitoring for your customers.

An employee makes a false claim about a competitor, who then sues you. Or a competitor claims you’re infringing on their copyright. Personal and advertising injury insurance can cover your legal and settlement costs.

Thieves break into the warehouse where you store inventory and make off with hundreds of pairs of shoes. Or a truck containing hundreds of fine china dinner sets overturns. Inland marine insurance will cover the replacement costs.

A power surge damages your clothing store’s point of sale system. Equipment breakdown coverage can help pay to replace it.

An employee is stealing cash from the register. Employee dishonesty coverage can help cover the losses.

Your retail business faces many different risks. Our different kind of insurance team has many ways to protect you from them.

With more than eight decades of combined client service experience, carrier relationships, and risk management and claims service, we deliver advanced, customer focused service that few, insurance teams – even those of larger brokers – can match.

We’ll thoroughly analyze the nature of your business and industry, and evaluate your business assets, taking into account the number of your employees, your location, we’ll design an insurance plan with the right balance between cost and protection.

We’ll determine whether separate or bundled policies are more cost-effective for your specific needs.

And, working relationships with no less than 22 top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market, that can deliver insurance that gives you the best protection at the lowest available premium.