Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants are different from any other kind of business. That’s why they need a different kind of insurance team.

In the restaurant business, the difference between success and total failure is razor-thin. And it doesn’t take much to push a thriving restaurant over to the failure side of that dividing line.

What if a grease or electrical fire ruins your premises? More than 7,000 restaurants catch fire each year.

What if one of your waiters’ slips, falls, and gets injured on the job?

What if one of your employees is harassing another, who threatens to sue you?

What if pollution or a breakdown in your water treatment plant makes the water you cook with and service to patrons undrinkable?

What if a patron has too much to drink with their dinner, then gets into an accident while driving home?

No one insurance policy can protect your business from all these different risks. But a different kind of insurance team can.

With more than eight decades of combined client service experience, carrier relationships, and risk management and claims service, we deliver advanced, customer focused service that few, insurance teams – even those of larger brokers – can match.

We’ll analyze your restaurant’s business inside and out, including your experience, your location, and your claims history. We’ll evaluate your risks, and create the perfect menu of insurance plans to cover them:

  • Business owner’s insurance to cover you for property damage.
  • Business income insurance to give you cash flow when damage shuts your restaurant down.
  • General liability insurance to reimburse litigation costs.
  • Drinkable water coverage to help get you going again after water contamination shuts you down.
  • Employment practices liability insurance to protect you from that one employee lawsuit that could shut down your business for good.
  • And liquor liability insurance that helps pay legal costs, court fees, and civil damages caused by customers who dine, drink, and drive.

We’ll come up with a recipe for reducing both your risks and your premiums, thanks to our working relationships with a total of 22 different top domestic carriers, London brokers, and wholesalers that can access carriers in the open market.

Then, with digital resources unusually available only to giant firms, we’ll:

  • Streamline renewals and customize insurance forms to your needs.
  • Reduce the time you spend on data entry. And deploy digital submissions and electronic signatures that cut down the time you spend on paperwork.
  • Employ digital resources to track your year-to-year data changes, deliver Certificates quickly, and let you view your entire existing insurance online and on demand.